There are many reasons why you should purchase life insurance, but the most important reason is, it’s not for you! It’s for your loved ones to survive financially after you’re gone.

Most people understand car insurance. You insure your car in case you have an accident. So, why not insure your life? Aren’t you more valuable than your car?In the event of a tragic accident Which would matter more to your family – the loss of the family car, or the loss of you?

Life Insurance

There are two basic types of life insurance; Whole life and Term life.

A life insurance benefit is generally paid to a beneficiary in one lump sum. That means when you die, your designated beneficiary gets the money.

Nearly 1,600 Americans per day are estimated to die from cancer*. There are 14 unintentional-injury deaths every hour**. What happens if you lose your job?

Could your family afford to pay up to $16,000*** for your funeral, make the mortgage payments, pay college tuition, or pay monthly bills with the loss of your income? There’s no pretty way to say it – everybody will die – it’s just a matter of when. What if you become injured and can’t work? Who will pay your end-of-life medical care expenses?

Supplemental Health Insurance

If you’re diagnosed with cancer or a critical illness or experience an illness or injury and can’t work, major medical insurance may not cover all your expenses. The first question people are asked at the doctor or hospital is not “Where does it hurt,” but rather, “Do you have insurance?” Health insurance is as important as life insurance.

Why do people purchase supplemental health insurance?
To supplement their major medical/primary health policy. For example, if you have a family history of cancer, you could purchase a supplemental cancer policy to help pay for expenses your primary policy may not cover, like experimental treatments.